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Crystal Palace Park Regeneration Plan aims to deliver local aspirations for a restored and vibrant metropolitan park, which is an asset to its surrounding communities and visitors from across the UK. The park will be supported by a sustainable business model and cared for through a community led not for profit governance model.

2007 Masterplan

Although Crystal Palace Park benefits from an extensively consulted on and approved Masterplan developed in 2007, the £70 million costs associated with the full delivery of this plan have not been available to the park.

Building on the scheme of improvements already underway in the park, the Crystal Palace Park Regeneration Plan now aims to bring to fruition further aspects of the 2007 Masterplan so as to restore the park landscape, reduce on-going maintenance costs, realise capital receipts, and create revenue generating activity which will support the sustainable business model.

The 2007 vision was to rejuvenate Crystal Palace Park as a metropolitan park, heritage asset, cultural, leisure, educational and recreational resource to meet the needs of the local people, sports people whether elite or amateur, and the public at large.

Regeneration Plan

The London Borough of Bromley (LBB) has developed a sustainable Regeneration Plan for Crystal Palace Park in order to support a restored and vibrant metropolitan park, for the local community. The Regeneration Plan is an updated version of the 2007 Masterplan, which is achievable within the resources available.

We have been going through the process of testing and refining ideas for the Regeneration Plan. This has included reviewing the 2007 Masterplan and the park's historic importance, workshops with key stakeholders and public consultation.

This has led to the identification of a Regeneration Plan that is practical, achievable and responds to these findings and the wishes expressed by the community. In Summer 2017 the plan was approved by the Council.

The full Regeneration Plan can be downloaded from the Information and Documents section, or take a look at the Regeneration Plan Overview, also below, for a summary of the plan.

Following community engagement events in 2016 and 2017 the Council is seeking to submit a planning application in Spring 2018. Before they do this, they will hold information events to describe the latest plans. See below for details of upcoming information sharing events.

Improvement Scheme

Alongside the Regeneration Plan, a £2.16 million project is underway to improve key elements of the park. This is largely funded by the Mayor of London, with additional funding from Historic England and London Borough of Bromley.

Which improvements have been completed?

  • Conservation of the six sphinxes and South Terrace steps is complete.
  • Areas of hard standing and the turnstiles have been removed.
  • 'Iggy' the Iguanodon and the water-based dinosaurs have been conserved and works to the lakes are complete. New information boards are now in place.
  • The new skatepark will open in March 2018.

Which improvements are still to come?

  • The new café is due to be finished in early 2019.

The Shadow Board

The Shadow Board is currently working to establish itself as a charitable trust. Once this is achieved, the Trust will take on a phased approach towards managing the park. Its eight members all live within the local community and have been recruited for their relevant skills and expertise.

  • Laurie Handcock, Chair
  • Andrew Close, Vice Chair
  • Clive Maxwell
  • Lucie Fitton
  • Lucy Hopkins
  • Martin Tempia
  • Philip Kolvin
  • Simone Crofton

Consultation Process

The consultation process to date included one-to-one meetings, pop-up events in 17 different locations, and two full-day drop-in exhibitions adjacent to Crystal Palace train station throughout 2016 and 2017. In March 2018 we also held two public information events, please see details below.

News & events

Information Event - Approved Regeneration Plan

Two information sharing events were held during March 2018, to provide the local community with an update on the latest plans before the planning application is submitted later in Spring 2018. The information events were held at the Penge Gate information centre and at Crystal Palace station, please see the links below to view the poster 'March 2018 Information Event Poster' and the materials from both events: 'March 2018 Exhibition' and 'Regeneration Plan Overview'.

Thanks to everyone who attended.

Event Type Location Date and Time
Information Event Crystal Palace Information Centre
Near the Thicket Road entrance
Saturday 10th March 2018
10.00am to 2.00pm
Information Event Crystal Palace Rail Station Monday 12th March 2018
3.00pm to 7.30pm
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Information & Documents

Comprehensive reports will be issued compiling the findings gathered through the process at each key stage culminating in the detailed Statement of Community Involvement. As the consultation progresses materials and reports will be available to download here:

March 2018 Exhibition

Click here to download

Following feedback from the local community at the information events in March 2018, the points below offer some clarification around certain elements of the plan:

  • In order to fund the regeneration plan, two areas of the park (Rockhills and Sydenham Villas) need to be released for residential development.
  • As such, the leases for the Caravan Club, Diddy Dinos Nursery, St John's Ambulance and the Maintenance Depot will come to an end. The Caravan Club has now been served notice in accordance with the terms of its lease.
  • Development on the two identified sites is critical to the success of the regeneration plan as it will release funding to implement park-wide improvements, and no other funding is available. The capital receipts from the sale of the land will be ring-fenced for the regeneration of the park.
  • Options are being explored for the new community building, included in the Rockhills development, to accommodate a new nursery.

March 2018 Information Event Poster

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Regeneration Plan

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Regeneration Plan Overview

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May 2017 Exhibition

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Interim Report 2016

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May 2016 Exhibition

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